“Timer” (an urban magazine about Minsk) offered me to create a series of shots for their “Hard day’s night” section, containing cocktail recipes and promoting the drinks the cocktails were made of. There was one complication though: Belarussian law prohibits the inclusion of images of people, animals, bottles, glasses and, virtually, any drinking vessels in alcohol ads. So, we couldn’t display any items that are typical for this sort of shootings. Instead, we decided to make up a character for each drink and visualize the situations in which the cocktails are put together and consumed. Taking into account the limitations we were facing, we suggested shooting “crime scenes” – places where the cocktails were just made and that still contained traces of the process: ice, glass stains, squeezed limes, etc. – objects that would identify our protagonists. Moreover, we were asked to put a branded objects of one of the local bars in every shot. Once the first issue with the project was published, it received positive feedback and the client chose to continue collaborating on it. All in all, 5 shots with cocktail recipes were released with ads for Jack Daniels, Bacardi, Cointreau, Martini and Metaxa.
Photo and postproduction: Rodion Kovenkin
Style and Idea: Rodion Kovenkin and Dasha Buben
Art-Director and Designer: Ihar Yuhnevich
Timer №3, 2014
Timer №4, 2014
Timer №5, 2014
Фотосъемка еды, продуктов питания. Рекламная фотография
Фотосъемка еды для ресторана быстрого питания, фаст-фуда. Фотосъемка еды, фото еды, продуктов. Фотосъемка предметов.
Timer №6, 2014
Рекламная фотосъемка натюрморта. Фотосъемка предметов для журнала
Food and commercial photographer in Belarus. Food and commercial photographer in Vilnius. Still-life photographer Europe. Vilnius commercial photographer Rodion Kovenkin
Timer №7, 2014
Фотосъемка еды, фотосъемка напитков, фотосъемка мороженого, фотосъемка коктейлей

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